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SO much!! I really liked having the space to be open and raw about feelings - to express them verbally and to connect the dots mentally. I was surprised at how open all of the KC family was, maybe it’s my parental/family issues coming in, but it was nice to have an event family that listened and didn’t judge. It was also reassuring that there was a mental health professional there. Knowing that provided an extra layer of safety for me. Access to candy was nice, I realize I rely on food to help uplift me in heavy moments.I’m glad that I was able to remove the fear of so many things! It was truly a great experience - one that I didn’t think I’d be so thankful for. I have been trying to take care of my future self in many ways (location change, career change, self growth, future relationships, etc.) and this helped me take the first step to communicate what I want out of life and what I need for myself. Thank you all 💕 - Rachel
You guys gave me the blue print and the tools. I started to build my building. Like I had just said you guys brought me back to life! When I was almost dead inside. Might be a little dramatic but when I look back on it. That is how I felt. Emotionally not matching with body. Enough just my hat is off to you two and the kink collective. For the acceptance and a safe place to explore. - Theresa
Transformative and transcending are two words that come to mind when I think of my experience at pbk everything felt safe was safe because the container created made it so. I would recommend this to every one of my friends and families. - Trish
This is the fourth retreat I’ve experienced with my partner. We have found them to be welcoming, safe spaces for both of us to explore and grow. Every time I attend, I learn something new about myself and my partner - and I believe the same is true for him. Because so much emphasis is placed on the personal understanding and growth of the participants, each retreat is always a little different. This particular weekend helped open me up to my playful side and appreciate more clearly the connections between my creative spirit and my sexuality. I’ve lived much of my life clinging to rules and principles because I’ve told myself they’ll keep me safe. Over time, the SSDCE programs and philosophy have helped me see that the only true safety lies in learning to hear and trust the truth that lives inside me. This weekend has helped me take another step on that journey. - David

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