The therapists at SSDCE work from a collaborative, empathic, and humanistic focus. We provide guidance and teach skills (i.e., mediation, breathwork, yoga, energy work, etc) to help increase satisfaction, insight, and personal growth. Our goal is to help clients become more optimal versions of themselves. One that allows them to take the lead in their own lives, take charge of their journeys, and help others by paying forward what one will learn in their time with us. The work will be lasting, thus having a beginning, middle and end, rather than continuing indefinitely.

We have considerable experience working with people from many diverse backgrounds and lifestyles, including racial and ethnic minorities, sex workers, gender and sexual minorities (LGBTQ+, kinky/leather, consensual nonmonogamy), and other marginalized groups. Our therapists use eclectic styles and incorporate techniques proven to be effective. These include:

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Cognitive-Behavioral Therapy CBT is an umbrella term for a number of approaches that focus on identifying, evaluating, and adjusting one’s unhelpful thoughts and behaviors to improve mood and functioning. Meditation, Motivational Interviewing, breathwork and mindfulness-based techniques are some of the methods used to help clients address concerns that keep them from living the life they aspire to.  These approaches are especially effective for making positive change, building self esteem, improving communication, and managing mood and stress. 

Recovery Counseling This work provides support for those seeking recovery, especially when conventional means have not been helpful. Many times, the block to lasting recovery is unresolved trauma and troubled relationships. Addressing these issues paves the way to achieving lasting recovery. Our counselors have many years of continuous sobriety, as well as experience in several approaches, including 12-step based recovery, use of harm reduction and trauma-informed counseling. The key is to clearly establish abstinence (as defined by the individual), and then map out a plan for maintaining it over time. 

NTSB (Non-Traditional Sexual Behavior) Counseling  This is a custom tailored process based on sexual inklings, explorations, and identity definitions that deviate from social norms. These are often seen as a source of shame, confusion and the denial of one’s identity. This type of counseling involves introspective work, conversation and actual, physical NTSB sessions in a safe, supportive and knowledgeable environment. By recognizing and freely exploring repressed desires, individuals evolve a genuine sense of self, which allows them to take on life as who they are and want to be, rather than who they have been told they should be. NTSB counseling works by incorporating primal aspects of self and empowers the client to experience, understand and effectively apply what they learn, which leads to taking these lessons forward in life. While NTSB counseling centers on individual’s sexual identities, the method of recognizing, accepting and nourishing formerly repressed aspects of self applies to all spheres of life, increasing clarity and confidence overall. This process isn’t solely for the experience itself, but also guides clients to create safe spaces for themselves, and ultimately others on life‘s journey, particularly for sexual exploration and the embracing of oneself. Various approaches to healing and growth are used, including Mentorship, Training, and/or Personal Sessions.  

Transitional Palliative Work  focuses on very unique clients. This program has been created to assist those transitioning from life to the after-life. It is designed to help clients establish a deeper connection with self, their own higher power and to find peace within. Our guides help alleviate the worries of what one will leave behind, and helps illuminate the next steps of existential experience. This work will help clients uncover their true identity, foster self acceptance, and includes relationship mending/coaching, grief counseling, deep guided spiritual journeying and non traditional sexual behavior guidance/counseling.

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